Information on the Exam

The license exam is similar to a test in high school.

The real estate licensing exam consists of multiple choice questions which cover different aspects of the real estate business. Most questions focus on real estate fundamentals and many can be answered with common sense.

There are 150 questions on the exam, you are given over 3 hours to complete the exam, and a score of 70% is required to pass (105 answers correct). There are no written portions to the exam (only multiple choice) and approximately 5 questions are math-related (basic arithmetic).

We make the exam easy with our cram course and study resources.

Most of our students find that the exam is easier than they anticipated and pass on their first try. Our highly effective cram course focuses only on what you need to pass the exam and our review sessions make the content easy to remember by using “real world” examples.

Practice Questions

The real estate licensing exam is surprisingly easy for most people.

1. A wind chime handing from a tree branch is considered:

  • A. Fixture
  • B. Personal property
  • C. Real property
  • D. Contracted property

2. An agent representing a buyer has an ethical responsibility to:

  • A. Their buyer
  • B. The buyer and seller
  • C. Their brokerage
  • D. Everyone involved in the transaction

3. If a listing brokerage receives a 3% commission on the sale of a $450,000 property, they receive:

  • A. $1,350
  • B. $10,500
  • C. $13,500
  • D. $18,750

4. An agent should recommend title insurance to their buyer:

  • A. For every transaction
  • B. Only when there is a high-risk
  • C. When there is a high-risk or low risk
  • D. Never

5. An agent is considered as what to their brokerage:

  • A. Employee
  • B. Business partner
  • C. Corporate partner
  • D. Independent contractor

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